Door & frame Locksmith Burnaby

Door & frame Locksmith Burnaby

Door and frame Burnaby Locksmith holds the full complex of works from screw replacement to smoothing an already replaced door.

Prevent break-in

We use a complex approach to preventing the break in the houses of our clients. We estimate the doors, windows, locks and different security systems and then improve or replace them. The Door and frame Burnaby Locksmith service will perform it perfectly.

Replacement and installation of doors

Our workers from the Burnaby Door and frame sector know how to replace the door qualitatively. We will take the doors off the hinges, check their reliability, change the hinges or the whole frame if needed. And after all, we install the new doors.

Repair and installation of the Door hinges

As a leading service in the sphere of the door and frame in Burnaby, we have the hinges of all the best brands. The process of replacement is quick and it won’t take more than 15-20 minutes.

Pivot repair in Burnaby Door and frame

We take the old pivot off your doors quickly, clean the hole and install a new one. Then we check how it works, set it up, and we’re done.

Aluminum storefront repair in Burnaby

The majority of businesses use the Sliding glass doors or the simple storefront with the handle. We will do our replacement work very quickly and qualitatively.

Concealed door closers

Due to the fact that our concealed door closers have fitted springs of high quality, they reduce the force needed to open the doors several times. So, it will be easier for your clients to open the door.

Track and rail repair

Our employees will clean the track very accurately and professionally, carry out all necessary manipulations with the roller and replace all screws.

Frame repair

The Door and frame Burnaby locksmith service will make all necessary measurements, take off the frame without damaging the door basis, adjust a new one and install of previous one.

Repair of sliding door or rollers

The Door and frame Burnaby Locksmith experts will accurately take the sliding element off, adjust and repair it if it is necessary, pull the roller out and replace it with a new one. Then they will fix everything again and test whether everything works properly.


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